Purity Organic Coffee (Toxin Free)


Organic coffee roasted for maximum health benefit that contains no mold. Ever. And it tastes amazing!

This coffee (decaf for me) is the only coffee I've ever been able to drink. It doesn't upset my stomach or give me the jitters, and it tastes amazing.

And the caffeinated version will definitely get you focused.

Mold and mycotoxins are a serious health concern, with accepted levels for consumption differing from country to country. Mycotoxins form from some molds. If mycotoxins are present, only a small amount can be eliminated at high roast temperatures. Unfortunately, these high temperatures may increase the formation of carcinogenic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and eliminate healthy chlorogenic acids (polyphenols) in coffee.

Purity tests the coffee as it passes through each step of the supply chain, ensuring it is free from contamination.

Decaf Purity Coffee® is 99.9% caffeine free without sacrificing taste or health benefits. The coffee is decaffeinated using the organic Swiss Water process which preserves the flavor and antioxidant levels of the regular whole bean coffee.

Learn more here: puritycoffee.com/the-purity-process/

We order this in five pound, freshly roasted batches and repackage upon order for you in mason jars. This saves packaging waste from reaching the landfill.

5 ounces in Pint jar. 10 ounces in Quart jar. Price includes $1.25 jar deposit.

 Store in a cool, dark place in the airtight jar. Put jar in paper bag to help darken if needed. We recommend drinking your coffee within 2-3 weeks of receiving it for maximum freshness.

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