Frozen Housemade Bone Broths


Liquid Gold, Baby!  Good organic stocks are wonderful to have on hand for your own soups and stews or just to enjoy a soothing cup. These come frozen.

We roast then slowly simmer our rich stocks for 15+ hours to carefully extract nutrients and flavor in filtered (removes chlorine, heavy metals etc) then pH balanced water.  There is nothing more nourishing than this! 

Packaged in mason jars - Pint (16oz) or 24 oz. Simply dunk the jar in a bowl of hot water for a minute to release the stock and heat on the stove. 


Chicken Bone Broth (Stock)

Organic chicken backs plus chicken feet as available. We do not add any additional salt when we cook our stocks.


Grassfed Beef Bone Broth (Stock)

Colorado100% grassfed beef marrow bones and beef shank or other soup cut as available. Salt free. 


Turkey Bone Broth! (Offered periodically, usually in winter).

A lovely change in flavor from chicken stock, too.  Organic turkey backs in filtered water. May contain salt as some of the backs were brined first. We do not add salt when we cook our stocks.


Deluxe Soup Stocks - Limited Availability

Get all of the yumminess of our soups to enjoy straight as a rich savory broth or add your own ingredients to create a new, easy dish quickly.

You can even add our meals like shredded roast chicken and roasted veggies and simmer in stock for a comforting soup.



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