So Tasty Beet Hummus (Paleo)


Have you tried this?! It's ridiculously tasty. Even as beet lovers we were blown away.  And non-beet lovers can definitely be converted with this one. Plus - it's SO pretty.

This hummus replaces the chickpeas (garbanzo beans) with fresh beets we cook up instead. No, no beans in this hummus.

This makes it a healthy veggie and seed dish that feels more like a treat than eating power food. Try it on the kids!

We puree freshly picked and roasted local organic beets from Red Wagon Organic Farm with fresh squeezed organic lemon juice, organic garlic, organic extra virgin olive oil, tahini (sesame seed paste),  fresh organic parsley,  Savory Spice Shop's organic cumin seed and Real sea salt.

Great for snacking and as a side.

Half Pint or Pint.  Price includes the $1.25 jar deposit.  One Pint is 2 cups and serves 6+ as an appetizer dip or four as a hearty snack.

Freezes well. Freezable in straight-edged mason jars (no curved shoulders) with appropriate head room or other freezer safe container. Simply run the frozen jars under warm water to slide out and heat or defrost first in fridge overnight.
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