How Does Ordering and Picking Up Meals Work?

1. ORDER- Order your meals at our online store anytime every Thursday through Monday at 10am. You may choose each item individually (all options are a la carte) and mix and match in as many quantities as you’d like. There is no minimum order or weekly obligation. Then choose your pick up or delivery option that works best for you for each order on the last page of check out.

Sign up for our weekly menu emails, like us on Facebook, or follow us on Instagram to receive reminders of the menu each week. Text BBKMEALS to 68398 to receive a text reminder on Monday mornings that it’s the last chance to order.

2. PICK UP- At any of our pick up locations or receive delivery in Boulder city limits. Your meals will be ready for pick up on Wednesdays or Thursdays, depending on your pick up location. Please check our pick up and delivery webpage here for the most up-to-date pick up information.

Don't forget your meals- Set yourself a reminder or calendar event :).

3. HEAT and ENJOY- All our meals are fresh and come labeled with heating instructions.

4. RETURN YOUR JARS- You may keep your jars if you like as every meal packed in a mason jar includes a jar deposit in the price. Or, please return them for our reuse and receive a credit. Please see the below FAQ "How do I return my mason jars?" for more details.

Where and When Do I Pick Up My Meals? Do You Deliver to Homes?

Your meals will be ready for pick up on Wednesdays or Thursdays, depending on the pick up location you choose under "Shipping" during check out.

We do offer meal home delivery in Boulder, Lafayette, and Louisville on Wednesdays currently. Please check our pick up and delivery webpage here for the most up-to-date pick up and delivery area information as well as our delivery cooler requirements. You may choose Home Delivery as your "Shipping option" on the second page of check out.

Your confirmation email lists the option you chose. If you accidentally did not choose a valid option and your confirmation says "Asteroid Belt", please email us to give us your correct pick up.

Why Do I Need an Account to Order? How Do I Set One Up?

Accounts are simply an email and password that provide a way for us to know who is checking out. This allows us track and apply store credit - like jar credits - automatically.

This makes returning jars and getting your credit for the deposit super easy! All you do is log in at check out and our system will apply your credit.

Accounts also will save your addresses and fill in you information for you, making check out faster.

Don't have an account? Click here.


Do You Have Payment Options Besides a Credit Card?

Yes, with check or cash. And you can help support our business growth by paying larger sums in advance and get a cash bonus to spend on meals. Please check our payment options webpage here.

How Do I Buy A Gift Card for Someone Else?

First, select your amount from the gift card product here. Then log in and check out. You'll need to create a password if you don't have one - apologies for the extra step. It's needed for our meal customers.

Pay for the gift card with your information. Unfortunately, we cannot assign gift cards to other people other than the online purchaser.

You'll then receive two emails - one payment confirmation and another with the gift card information and use instructions.

Simply forward that gift card info email to your recipient. Then they can go about ordering right away (or whenever) and use the gift card code for their payment after selecting the menu items they'll enjoy.


How Do I Use My Gift Card?

First, choose your menu items from our online store. Then, click on “check out” when you are done adding items to your shopping cart.

Log in to your customer account or manually enter your shipping address (and check the Save my Info box if you'd like to create an account), then continue to the next page.

Copy and paste your gift code in the field that says "Gift card or discount code" and hit “APPLY.” This link is located in the yellow/orange area under the photo list of menu items you are purchasing. Click here for a picture of the screen.

Your credit card will not need to be charged unless your order exceeds your gift card balance .

You gift card balance is updated automatically and you can use your gift card code as many times as needed until it either expires or runs out.

You can check your balance by clicking on the gift card link in the initial email sent to you with the gift code.

How Do I Use My Discount Code?

If you have a discount code: First, choose your menu items from our online store. Then, log in and click on “check out” when you are done adding items to your shopping cart.<

Enter your discount code (we recommend copy and pasting) in the field that says "Gift card or discount code" and hit “APPLY.” This link is located in the yellow/orange area under the photo list of menu items you are purchasing. Click here for a picture of the screen.

If you have store credit on your account, this will be applied automatically for you during checkout.

Your credit card will not need to be charged unless your balance exceeds your discount code amount.



How Do I Return My Mason Jars and Get My Jar Credit?

There is a deposit of $1.25 included on each meal in a jar. You may keep the jars, but we encourage returning them. We love to reduce packaging waste.

Return the mason jars clean with both rings and lids on and labels off to us at any pick up site during regular pick up site hours or in your delivery cooler.

Write the number of jars returned on the pick up sheet next to your name on the order list. Mason jars are all $1.25 deposit, so here size does not matter. If you are not picking up meals that week, write in your name at the bottom of the sheet.

NOTE: We credit jars returned to non-Broomfield pick up locations on a one week delay. Jars returned to Broomfield are credited the same week they are returned.

We will apply your jar credit to your customer account. That credit will be applied automatically during check out on your next order.

If you have a gift card, that can be used as well as the jar credit on the same order. You can use as many gift card codes per order as you like.

If you do not plan to order again, let us know and we can refund your credit card within 60 days of your last order. Otherwise you may come to the Broomfield kitchen to collect cash.

Do You Have Options for Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Paleo, Vegetarian and Vegan Dietary Needs?

Yes! All our items are gluten free. We specialize in offering a range of options for special dietary needs on each menu and also have a full Paleo (gluten and dairy free) bakery.

All of our meal options are tagged with categories including “gluten free,” “dairy free”, “vegetarian”, “vegan”, “GAPS friendly”, “Paleo friendly”, “kid friendly” (mild flavors), “easy office lunch” and “freezable”.

Simply click on the tags at the top of our current menu to sort the menu items by those requirements.

Because we are human, we occassionally make a mistake with the tags as our recipes change. Please double check the ingredient list and if there is a discrepancy between a tag and the ingredient list, the ingredient list is correct. Feel free to contact us with questions.

Can You Do Strict Low Sodium Meals or Other Special Requests?

Unfortunately, we cannot. We make everything from scratch and use Real Salt just enough to enhance flavor. This makes our food less salty compared to other processed and prepared foods, but we do add salt to all our meals and cannot guarantee sodium levels if you need to stay under a specific amount.

We do our best to offer a wide variety of meals for different dietary restrictions and options for things like dairy and meat. We do not take special requests beyond those options. Over the years, we've realized it's too tricky to step outside and our system and usually just results in us messing up the special request or something else :)"

Do You Have Nutritional Information on the Weekly Meals?

Because our menu changes so often, we do not offer nutritional breakdowns on our rotating menu items. We cannot guarantee things like sodium levels or calories per serving.


If you'd like nutritional information on one of our regularly offered bakery items, please email us to ask. We may be able to provide it.


What Are Your Serving-size Guidelines?

All our servings are listed in each menu description - simply click on the photo to see all the ingredients and serving size information.

The majority of our meals are packaged in mason jars. Serving sizes depend on what is packed in them - a veggie soup is generally less servings per jar than a mostly ground beef dish. On average a quart serves about 2-3 people for a soup, 3-4 for heartier meat and bean dishes, and 4-6 for pure vegetable items like sauteed greens, slaws, roasted vegetables etc. A Pint is half of a Quart.

You can order as many jars as you may need for your servings.  All other non-mason jar meals have the number of servings in their description.

How Do I Heat Your Meals? Can I Use the Microwave?

All our meals are labeled with their heating instructions. We suggest microwave alternatives in our instructions as the microwave is not our first choice for heating. If you would like to use the microwave, you most certainly can!  Microwaves can be especially convenient if eating our meals for lunches at work.

How Do I Find Meals for My Dietary Needs?

All of our products are tagged with categories including "gluten free," "dairy free", "vegetarian", "vegan", "GAPS friendly", "Paleo friendly", "kid friendly" (meaning mild flavors), "easy office lunch" and "freezable". 

Use the search box by inputting one or more of these tags to view all of the dishes that meet your needs. Example: if you are allergic to gluten and dairy, type in the search: gluten-free, dairy-free.  Or simply click on the meals by category on the left side of the main store page. At the bottom of each category page you will see the list of associated tags for those meals. Click on any of them to show meals that meet that requirement.

Is Your Kitchen Certified Gluten-Free?

No, our kitchen is not strictly gluten-free. Items labeled gluten free, dairy free etc are made with clean, sterilized equipment with non-allergenic ingredients following best non-contamination practices.  We cannot guarantee that any product is 100% gluten free, dairy free or the like.

When Do You Cook My Meals? Do You Make Everything from Scratch?

 We cook all your meals to order every week. All our food is prepared cooked within 48 hrs of pick up. We make everything from scratch with the exception of a couple items like our fresh gluten-free pasta, which we source locally. Some of our sauces, stocks, and seasonal items we preserve (like tomatoes) we prepare ahead and freeze for later use.

Is Your Packaging Environmentally Conscious?

Yes. To reduce waste and be as environmentally conscious as possible, we pack meals in glass mason jars that you may return for reuse (and a jar credit), clear compostable Eco Products containers, and recyclable metal tins.

Will My Meal Always Look Like the Photos?

While we strive to take pictures of all our food, it takes a long time to build a database. We sometimes use stock photos that may not reflect our food exactly. We always aim for consistency, but our dishes will also vary because we get everything fresh and locally as possible. Ingredient sources and the ingredients themselves change with the seasons.  Our product descriptions and ingredient lists are the most accurate description of what you will receive, and the pictures help to give an idea. If you have any questions of what an particular item you are considering ordering may be like, please fee free to contact us.

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