The Perennial Plate - Catch the Colorado Season September 11 2016

I just discovered this series The Perennial Plate. It's a James Beard award winning online documentary dedicated to socially responsible and adventurous eating by chef and activist Daniel Klein. 

chef and activist Daniel Klein

This most recent season, Season 4, is all in Colorado.  I love it because Daniel Klein doesn't take a hard line on what exactly "sustainable" and "socially responsible" mean. Rather he tells stories (with beautiful imagery) that help us to gain perspective and really contemplate what these mean to us. 

After having been a vegetarian from ages 10 through age 28 and going through a number of shifts in why I continued to choose vegetarianism, and then stopped, I find this episode particularly intriguing.

It's the story of a vegetarian who marries a Colorado rancher and her experience learning a new way of looking at diet. 

You can find more from the Colorado season and previous seasons on their website here.  There's plenty of cooking and eating too - like the one on Bessie White, her pies, and the Cortez farmers' market. 

They help to bring a level of connection back into eating in the same spirit as we do - it's awesome!