The Best of the Growing Season Is Coming... Help Us Preserve It! (And UPDATE) July 19 2016

Paying for a number of orders ahead gives us the cash flow we need

Ironically, the time we have the most abundance locally is the time the least amount of people order. 

Putting up produce in Boulder County during the summer months increases our costs.

Summer is actually our "off season" - we experience a dip in sales of anywhere from 25-33% in summer. Folks are on vacation, kids' schedules are constantly changing, some people get CSA boxes...

We also spend much more in the summer, because we want to preserve this goodness for you to eat as long into the rest of the year as possible (rather than buy produce from CA). Together this means how much we can preserve is limited by cash flow. 

This is where you come in!
By purchasing $300 or more in meals upfront in the next two weeks, you can help us stock up for the winter AND you get a kick back bonus.

Check out our payment options and bonuses here.

Mail us a check or pay cash at Broomfield for the most bonus $ on an electronic gift card to buy meals online.

Putting up tomatoes for the winter at Back to Basics Kitchen in Broomfield, CO
We preserved at least 700 pounds of tomatoes last year, put up the pickles (which we have almost finished) that you have bene enjoying in the Tuna Salad, frozen hundreds of pounds of peaches, 100 lbs of roasted chiles - these lasted a couple months, we do love our chiles! - and more. 

We are growing, so we'll need to do more this year.  Thank you for your support!



7/24/2016 Update

Cherries For Days! Thank You - The Great Pantry Stock Up Is On

So far we've had five people pay for $300-$2,500 each of meals, which puts us off to a great start for preserving produce!  We kicked the preservation season off last week with Ela Family Farms cherries, and we'll be at it full swing this week with the haul I picked up today (Saturday) from the Boulder Farmers' Market. 

Boss Lady loading up on produce to put back for the off season at the Boulder Farmers Market.

And this just the beginning. Pickling cucumbers are coming on - just in time as we're using our last pickles from our 2015 canning in this week's Tuna Salad. Peaches are here too, and soon we'll be into my favorite summer crops, the nightshades. Tomatoes and chiles galore!

Thank you to everyone who has paid for multiple weeks of meals ahead.  You are making this possible for us to do without putting ourselves at the mercy of the credit card gods. We much prefer this way :) Blessings and much gratitude!

Ela Family Farm cherries that Back to Basics Kitchen will be putting up for the off season.