Taste and Wellness Through Water September 23 2016

For the last few years, we've been using El Dorado Spring Water to make our soups, stews, stocks etc.  We started using this water for two reasons: it tastes amazing, and it doesn't have fluoride, chlorine, loads of heavy metals, and other unhealthy chemicals. 

Water is often an overlooked ingredient. It is an ingredient! It's one of the many more subtle reasons our bone broth and soups can taste so good, better than others, even when the few simple ingredients are the same. 

Back to Basics Kitchen in Broomfield, CO, now uses OneSource high flow water filter for our cooking.Especially for those of us with chronic illness, high sensitivity, allergies and weak digestion, we think it's best to avoid all these additives.  

Now we've reached a point in our growth where the El Dorado water, though we still love it, is not as practical anymore. Regular delivery trucks and storing lots of 5 gallon bottles... But we wanted to keep the quality and purity of the water as an ingredient. So we embarked on some research and are now using a OneSource high flow water filter for our cooking.  

This uses tap water (so no more trucks or storage) that is put through a five stage process of purification then re-mineralization to ensure the water has an appropriately balanced, alkaline pH level of 7.6.  

It's a similar process to reverse osmosis except that the openings in the membrane of the filters are bigger (.01 micron versus .0001 micron for reverse osmosis). They still remove the vast majority of the junk and don't have the discard water that reverse osmosis does. 

See the diagram above for details about the process, and please let us know if you have questions or would like more details about how it works.