Who Owns Your Favorite Natural Food Brands?July 01 2016

Who Owns Your Favorite Natural Food Brands?

Where's Your Money Going When You Buy Natural and Organic? If you haven't already seen this chart, it will change your understanding of the food industry profoundly. It is far more concentrated than many of us realize. This chart (click here for a larger pdf) is updated as of January 2016 and details the relationships and history of acquisitions by larger companies over more than a decade. I (Susanna) first saw this chart as part of a Pomona College food policy class over a...

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The Big Deal About Lard... and Does Fat Really Make You Fat?May 21 2016

The Big Deal About Lard... and Does Fat Really Make You Fat?

Growing up, I was taught to fear fat.  I was told to avoid butter, to eat egg whites, but not the yolk, to drink nonfat milk, and to pull the skin off chicken.  My mother had high cholesterol and was determined that we would be a family of healthy eaters.  Does this story sound familiar?  Have you been taught to fear fat? Traditional cultures have enjoyed an abundance of animal fat in their diets.  This used to be true of...

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Why We Soak and Dehydrate Our NutsMay 15 2016

Why We Soak and Dehydrate Our Nuts

Nuts are delicious, super versatile, and nutritional powerhouses. This makes them an excellent ingredient in our grain free desserts.  However, nuts contain not-so-helpful phytic acid, so we take extra care to prepare them properly.  Phytic acid blocks the absorption of minerals and enzymes, which means that consuming too much of it is not the best for your health, and you're also not getting all the goodness you can from the nuts.   Luckily, there's an easy solution! In order to break...

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Lovage and Stinging NettlesMay 12 2016

Powerful and Delicious Spring Offerings Ever heard of lovage? Eaten stinging nettles? Thanks to Red Wagon Farm, we have beautiful organic versions of both in this weeks menu.  Stinging nettles?! Yes, for real. They're literally a pain to harvest and demand respect in the kitchen as well, but as soon as you steam them or soak them in cold water the stinging part is neutralized.  What's left is spinach-like, but with it's own distinct flair. Here's more on the traditional...

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