Ways I Eat Well and Keep It Healthy While Traveling and CampingMay 31 2017

Ways I Eat Well and Keep It Healthy While Traveling and Camping

I’m on a diet for my digestion that is pretty much entirely cooked food and mostly fresh veggies, meats, fruits and nuts... and honey.  Traveling is one of the more challenging scenarios for eating for me. Earlier this month I drove out to Joshua Tree, CA for a yoga festival then spent 5 days in Joshua Tree National Park. Two days on the road then eight days of camping gave me lots of time to test out all the tricks...

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Our Menus Are Going Gluten Free. Here's Why.January 04 2017

Our Menus Are Going Gluten Free. Here's Why.

Gluten has always been an interesting topic for me, personally.  First as my favorite ingredient, and now as my favorite ingredient to replace, out of necessity.It's been seven years now since I've eaten gluten.It was a huge shift for me. Before I changed my diet to what it is now - a GAPS (similar to Paleo) diet modified for me based on experimentation. I was a vegetarian for 18 years, ever since I took my stand on meat in the...

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New Paleo Granola!December 01 2016

New Paleo Granola!

We now have a Paleo version of our popular granola. Bursting with bright flavor, super satisfying and it won't weigh you down. The jars of granola make pretty and tasty gifts, too! We go above and beyond by using: organic extra virgin olive oil (not canola!) baked below smoking point nuts including organic almonds that we've soaked & dehydrated to make super digestible and nutritious organic sprouted (soaked and dehydrated) pumpkin seeds - more digestible and nutritious hemp seeds and...

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Creative Summer Real Food Treats for Pets with Bone Broth!July 18 2016

Creative Summer Real Food Treats for Pets with Bone Broth!

Many of you may recall the post about my (Susanna's) cats loving our chicken bone broth.  (They still do).  In the intervening months I have acquired my first dog, a 10 year old chihuahua named Henry.  Henry and I spent two days in Buena Vista recently and discovered a most tasty food truck (actually turquiose school bus) named TThe Bearded Lady. It's owned by a pig farmer, very fresh, and very locally oriented. Best part? Pupsicles. Frozen chicken broth on a...

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The Big Deal About Lard... and Does Fat Really Make You Fat?May 21 2016

The Big Deal About Lard... and Does Fat Really Make You Fat?

Growing up, I was taught to fear fat.  I was told to avoid butter, to eat egg whites, but not the yolk, to drink nonfat milk, and to pull the skin off chicken.  My mother had high cholesterol and was determined that we would be a family of healthy eaters.  Does this story sound familiar?  Have you been taught to fear fat? Traditional cultures have enjoyed an abundance of animal fat in their diets.  This used to be true of...

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Why We Soak and Dehydrate Our NutsMay 15 2016

Why We Soak and Dehydrate Our Nuts

Nuts are delicious, super versatile, and nutritional powerhouses. This makes them an excellent ingredient in our grain free desserts.  However, nuts contain not-so-helpful phytic acid, so we take extra care to prepare them properly.  Phytic acid blocks the absorption of minerals and enzymes, which means that consuming too much of it is not the best for your health, and you're also not getting all the goodness you can from the nuts.   Luckily, there's an easy solution! In order to break...

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Flavorful Collard Greens RecipesJune 29 2015

Flavorful Collard Greens Recipes

Greens are around all season. Use these recipes for a twist on collards, kale or any other hearty greens. Try a tangy peanut vinaigrette or refreshing lemongrass and coconut broth to mix up your greens eating this summer.  Super easy. You'll need to start with these ingredients...  

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