So What Season Is It Anyway?! April 01 2017

This time of year is always a tricky one for us and any local food lovers. Spring has just started, the promise of fresh lettuces and spring onions and other tender greens is in the air and the buds we see all around. 

But that time is not quite here.  We're still a few weeks out from the real start of the harvest for most farms locally.

chive flowersAnd we're also about as far from last growing season before the next that we can get. We're down to about 100 lbs of tomatoes that we preserved from last summer, the root vegetables (carrots, beets...) have been cashed, our summer fruit preserves are dwindling...

We keep our menus seasonal even when we can't get most of the produce locally. That's why our menus have been getting creative with the cabbage, beets, carrots, potatoes. What is not in season, like tomatoes, we've put up from local farmers when it was in season.  Because non-local tomatoes and eggplant and all those hot weather vegetables just don't taste the same. You would be remembering our Eggplant Parmesan and eating in winter and wonder if it was the same dish!

Eating seasonally also helps keep our bodies aligned with a greater natural rhythm.

Which is why this menu you'll see an interesting mix of winter and spring - with our first local offering, over-wintered spinach from Red Wagon Farm.  It's a lovely hybrid of the promise of fresh greens that are actually a remnant of last season - and also the sweetest of the year because cold makes spinach sweet.

So please enjoy the last of the winter produce and the new offerings as we shift into a new season!