Radishes - Perfect with Butter and Wine - So Mild! December 08 2016

Cooked radishes?!  Yep. Really, it's not weird.

These vegetables make an excellent vehicle for a delicious sauce. With vibrant, beautiful colors, when cooked, they have a sweet, mild taste.

Even more so with these fresh picked veggies from Red Wagon Farm.  So crisp and pretty.

Our customers rave about this dish - even the skeptics we taste-tested it on. Our French inspired wine and butter sauce is a time tested classic combo of refreshing acidity balanced with the creaminess of butter.
White Wine and Buttered Radishes from Broomfield's Back to the Basics

This dish is flavorful as is, but for the spice lover, we recommend sprinkling smoked paprika or cayenne from the Savory Spice Shop on top.  Never before have radishes tasted so good!