Radishes - A Whole New Vegetable When Cooked October 09 2016

Featuring Radish and Sweet Turnip in Butter Sauce

Cooked radishes?!  Yep. Really, it's not weird.

Actually, cooking makes the radishes mellow, pleasantly mild, and sweeter.  It de-activates the enzyme in radish skin that when cut raw starts a reaction that creates mustard oil and that sharp, mustard/ wasabi like sinus clearing spiciness.  

So cooked, these vegetables make an excellent vehicle for a delicious sauce.  You'll discover a whole new world of vegetable eating when you get into cooking radish!

Did you get our cauliflower soup last week? We simmered Red Wagon Farms beautiful organic daikon radish with the cauliflower for that soup this time. It made it smoother and with a nice light texture... and there was no radish pungency at all.

I, Susanna, discovered this trick while cooking for myself recently. I've been incorporating lots of radish on the recommendation of my Tibetan medicine doctor who is helping me improve my digestion and address symptoms associated with ulcerative colitis. I've managed my symptoms through diet without medication for 5 years, and she's helping me to fine tune my eating even more to support healing. 

Among other helpful properties, in both Tibetan and Chinese medicine radish is considered to be super useful for clearing out toxins and moving food stagnation, especially when improving the diet. So far I've been loving the fresh daikon radish Red Wagon Farm simmered with chicken stock and pureed.  A comfort food similar to mashed potatoes - which I've been missing. 

This radish dish is a little more sophisticated and just as satisfying. Our French inspired white wine and butter sauce is a time tested classic combo of refreshing acidity balanced with creaminess. Perfect with mild sweetness of the radish and turnip. One more way to add delicious variety to your vegetable routine. 

Red Wagon Radishes cooked in a wine and butter sauce available at Back to Basics Kitchen in Broomfield, CO