NEW BBK Granola! September 30 2016

Our friends at Colorado Granola Company, who have been making the granola you've been enjoying this year, have moved to Utah.  

Rather than ship granola across state lines, we've used inspiration their to make our own.  We chose Colorado Granola initially because they were using some of the best quality ingredients we've seen in granola. 

If you read your packages carefully, you'll see that most granola uses non-organic oats, cheap refined oils - usually canola, and lots of cane sugar.  

The Colorado Granola Company was an improvement. Now we're stepping it up even more.  Our new granola plays on very similar flavors as the Blueberry Lemon, but we've made some upgrades. 

We now make the granola with organic, certified gluten free oats and soak and dehydrate all the nuts we use before making it.  This process is extremely helpful for nuts to make them more digestible (not gut bombs!) and therefore more nutritious Check out our blog post on soaking nuts here.  

Our new Back to Basics Kitchen granola available in Broomfield, Boulder, Louisville, Longmont, and Lafayette, CO.

We're using dried wild blueberries (no oil or sweetener added) and dried Ela Family Farms organic apples for our fruit - so flavorful and full of plant power goodness.

We bake our granola slower at a lower temperature so we can use organic extra virgin olive oil.  The olive oil adds subtle depth and melds the other flavors together beautifully.  And for fun texture and nutrition we've added chia seeds and hemp seeds. 

We think you'll love this granola!  And stay tuned... our Paleo (oat free) version is coming soon.