Meal Service Alternatives August 06 2021

I did some looking into other meal service options and found some suggestions for you all to check out more.

Fresh Thymes Marketplace

(soon to be at the Bodega so stay tuned for updates)

Chef Christine

Owner Chef Christine has a similar cooking background and philosophy to me with a Natural Chef certification from Bauman College. 

Inspired by her own experiences living with Celiac Disease and Multiple Sclerosis, Christine knows all about how real, nourishing food can make all the difference in your health.

Fresh Thymes is one of the only places I would eat out myself. I can also eat their desserts!

Their ingredient sourcing and sustainable packaging is also close to BBK's and constantly improving.  They are entirely gluten free and use mason jars, too.

Only trick is - Fresh Thymes is currently expanding and the new Marketplace meals will be in the new Bodega that is being renovated next to the Eatery.

Contact Fresh Thymes and get on their email list for info when the meals will be back regularly (ETA September) and what, if any, delivery options there are.

This is the only option listed where I have actually tried the food (and love it).


Round the Table

Round the Table logo

I was just introduced to Chef Cammie in the process of closing and discovered we already share clients.

Owner Cammie graduated from the Culinary Business Academy, the Institute for Integrative Nutrition as a Health Coach and completed a certificate program at the Boulder School of Natural Cookery.

This is not a meal service like BBK, but a personal chef service where Cammie or her chefs will come in home and make custom meals. There are bulk, once a month options.

Their food philosophy and sourcing is also similar to BBK's with lots of ability to customize to dietary needs. She even bought a bunch of our remaining spices at our garage sale, so you know we're using the same ingredients!

Their website lists areas served as Boulder and Denver.


Cibo Meals

Emily Green Cibo Meals

Cibo Meals is another woman owned meal service by Emily Green offering food in mason jars.

I have not had the chance to meet Emily but I have watched her menus for awhile as her service is on the same schedule as ours, and she has tasty looking offerings.

No subscription required.

It is all vegetarian and not all gluten free but does focus on fresh and seasonal with all ingredients listed. I am not sure of how much, if any, is sourced organically.

There are only two menu options per week (plus pet food) and it is not gluten free but has gluten free options.

Delivery is Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday morning depending on your location, and the website shows delivery zones from downtown Denver into Broomfield.

Check out the site to contact Emily for more info.


Eating Primal

Eating Primal logo

Started by Matt Atkins, this is a paleo meal service also with vegetarian and clean eating options. All ingredients are listed and he uses grass fed beef and whole ingredients, but it doesn't look like any organic.

I have seen his pickup site drops in Crossfit gyms before, but I have never tried the service.

This website does not list delivery areas, though I tried Lafayette, Boulder and Broomfield zip codes in checkout. They were all accepted but require minimum orders of at least 4 or 5 items. Not sure of the packaging either. Many photos are in what look to be plastic trays.

The menu at least is one I would eat :)

Contact them for more info!


Sparrow Kitchen

Nancy Sparrow

I have no personal experience with Sparrow Kitchen, but chef Nancy Sparrow has options for ordering meals from both a set menu for delivery within 48 hours and a customized meal plan with regular weekly delivery.

Their set menu is seasonal and in the same vein as BBK.

I don't know about ingredient sourcing or packaging.

Areas served mention metro Denver.

Get in touch through the site for more info!


Peak Fitness Meals Denver

This is another service with similar ingredient sourcing and paleo and keto options as BBK BUT it is a subscription based service.

I find it a little odd there's no information about any people who cook or own it that I saw on the site, so it is a larger operation (for better or worse).

I received a review of these folks from a regular customer who has tried them.

Some thoughts from her:

The food is tasty, pricing is what I would call pretty
reasonable, and they deliver twice a week (Wed and Sun) so the meals are
always fresh.

Much of the meat they use is either pasture-raised or certified sustainable (in the case of seafood). They have detailed ingredient listings and even some basic
nutritional info available.

Peak Fitness is probably not a good choice for vegetarians or vegans, but omnivores should be very happy.

Everything is (of course, sigh) packaged in plastic trays,
though both trays and lids are #5 plastic, at least, which is accepted
by our curbside recycling service and probably most others here in town.



Supperbell is an a la carte meal service which serves Denver into Broomfield. See delivery areas here.

They say they use organic and sustainable and local "whenever possible" but do not list these items specifically.

This also looks like a larger operation but hard to say. There is not much About information beyond "Chef Frank Bonanno brings his culinary expertise to every meal on our menu, guaranteeing a restaurant-quality dining experience. Award-winning chef, cookbook author and proprietor of Denver's most acclaimed restaurant empire."

From a customer who has tried them:

Overall my impression is favorable. As far as the good, the food itself is very tasty and well-prepared.

Supperbell also offers same-day delivery with 3 hours' notice on

I also really like that they use World-Centric brand compostable packaging (both trays and lids) for many of their entrees. (The salads we've ordered have come in regular plastic trays, but even those are #1 plastic and accepted by our curbside recycling service.)

They do offer a pretty detailed description of each dish on the site,
and those that contain common allergens (gluten, nuts, dairy, etc.) or
are vegetarian-friendly are labelled as such. But there is no actual LIST of every single thing that goes into a given meal.


 And, of course, our recipes are coming soon for some Back to Basics in YOUR Kitchen. Stay tuned!