In the Kitchen - Week of September 7th September 10 2020

This week it's a story in pictures! It was (my mother in law) Sue to the rescue again, as our regular helper, Mabel, did not come in on Tuesday due to the crazy weather forecast. And Amy is still resting up after her ER visits. 2020 has been quite the year here in our little kitchen world, too.

We ended up with some nice flakes and some accumulation on the cars and what looked like a Christmas scene, but luckily no problems driving in or home Tuesday or delivering Wednesday. This intense hot to snowing in a day was particularly exciting for Melissa and Sue, who both have spent most of their lives in North Carolina.

Sue cracked 450 eggs for the frittatas. As a chicken mama as well as mother to my beloved, Sue was well aware of the difference in the nutrition the chickens were getting from the way the various shells cracked. She's also no stranger to large ingredient quantities having cooked for many large extended family gatherings and her own family. So she was a great help in the kitchen!

Melissa got her chicken breaking down initiation with 30 whole chickens for the Pesto Roast Chicken (that's only some of them in the photo!), so it was a big week, especially with two of our regular team members out. Melissa is putting in some long days as part of her initial head chef training.

Amy, delivery woman extraordinaire, has been out the last two weeks taking time to get well after her last emergency room visit for stomach bleeding resulting from her blood thinning medication treating her lung clot from her first ER visit.

Whew!  Glad to report she is now feeling much better. We hope she'll be doing at least Longmont delivery next week to ease back in.

Luckily Sue took lots of pictures of it all and shared them with me while we were busy cooking so you all can see some of our process :)