In the Kitchen - Week of May 11th May 17 2020

It's been a big rearranging time in the kitchen. Reflective of the re-arranging in the world, I suppose, as we all continue to adapt.

I find more plants helps any adaptation and rearranging. So, I started last week with an amazing succulent for $20 at Costco :) Then I moved around the desk area and prep tables so we've got more work space, and this week we have a new front / store set up....

My beloved helped me move in another fridge, and we adjusted our display freezer so now you all can come in and shop for food without pre-ordering and maintain the recommended physical distance from us and the kitchen work space.

If you like what you ordered or missed the last menu, stop on by today and see the new set up. We're open 1-5:30pm. And we have 2 tuna salad left. It was a close one to get that much tuna for you all these days - 92 cans! Luckily I know some people.

So much of cooking this week started with onions, so I had to take a photo of the stove full of pots of sauteing onions. Let me tell you, the smell of that many onions bubbling away in olive oil can make you hungrier than you've ever been. Cooking onions is like a digestive jump start, I find.

And my other favorite moment was Andy making the Citrus Slaw.  The purple cabbage and oranges and lemon and oregano just looked so lovely, a sort of kitchen still life (with pounds of carrot processing in the background) was in order.

By far we made the most Tuna Salad and Italian Wedding Soup this week, which is why I don't have any photos. Big projects. It's a full body work out to mix the mayo into the rest of the prepped tuna salad veggies, and just a bit messy. Fresh made mayonnaise is where it's at. I'm convinced it's what makes the difference with our tuna salad. Freshly made with olive oil and freshly squeezed lemon juice.

Have you ever tried making it? If you have a food processor or, even better, immersion blender, it's super easy and keeps for weeks.  Perhaps that's a future blog post.

And, most of this week's menu items were by customer request. Craving a dish we haven't made in awhile? Let me know!

susanna cooking onions

new store set up

fresh organic meals for sale

andy making slaw