In the Kitchen Week of March 23rd March 26 2020

You all ordered a lot of food this week!  My friend, Andy, has started delivering and joined us in the kitchen this week. And Mabel, our kitchen helper from last Fall, has returned as well.

mabel and andyThey both got quite the crash course in high volume cooking this week. Mabel is a retired school teacher who loves to cook Paleo and jumped right in. She took on paleo baking on Monday and meatloaf on Tuesday. 

Until it no longer made sense for the smallest person in our kitchen to mix the meatloaf, that is. Those are 25+ lb containers of meatloaf, and it's a full body workout to stir them even if you can reach above them! Mabel's dedication is quite impressive, and she stayed hours longer than planned.

And Andy spent the majority of both of his first full days cooking with us working on the lasagna.

Andy is also a musician and plays the tabla, Indian drums. I like to think he found his lasagna rhythm and he got in the groove. He made 80 lasagnas! A solid kitchen initiation. 

It was many pounds of basil and arugula that went into the cream sauce.

Plus we had Amy back, thank goodness. Keeping on top of dishes and jar sanitization is now a full time job, and she is quite thorough. And she still had time to help out with some baking.

Luckily, it's a large kitchen and still easy to have up to five people work while still maintaining a safe distance.  We've increased our team to keep feeding you all. Such strange times!

We have everything from our previous menu available except the beet salad as frozen options online.

lasagna ingredients


pesto lasagna