In the Kitchen - Week of April 27th May 01 2020

Did someone say chicken? We have never cooked and cleaned the meat off of so many chickens as this week. It was a multi-phase all day project in order to make enough chicken for all you hungry chicken cacciatore eaters!

We got to break out a new machine to help out with the chicken meat chopping, which is super fun. We started out with one of these choppers that I had from years ago during my personal chef days. You just trim and cut the veggies in half and stick in the machine and boom - they're diced.

This last week I realized they make these choppers on a commercial scale. So fun! If you're hesitant with a knife at home, or just want prepping to go faster, I recommend these. 

We also made a new pasta dish which came out so pretty with all the colorful veggies. It was a process cooking all that fresh pasta. That was a new recipe this week, and you all jumped on it, so we learned on the fly how to make it in much larger volumes. 

Every week and every recipe process is different, which definitely keeps things interesting.  Luckily none of us like being bored!

And that Moroccan Fish was a delight to make.

Hopefully all our food is also a delight to eat :)

moroccan spiced wild cod

susanna with lots of roast chicken

andy with chopper