In The Kitchen the Week of March 16th March 19 2020

Craziness! We are so grateful you all continue to order and to be able to cook for you. We had 33% more orders this week than normal, bigger orders than usual, and most of them came in more last minute.  It was like Thanksgiving but without warning. 

That plus everyone hoarding at stores and our distributors scrambling to adjust as restaurants got shut down equalled one heck of a cooking week!

Honestly, I, and I think all of us, are pretty wiped out. It was a real late one on Tuesday... with lots of fun perks though.  Lot's of green and amazing smells while cooking on St. Patrick's Day.

amy in the kitchen
And I sent out the bat signal, as we call it, and got some special reserve help...Amy is back in the kitchen! Many of you know Amy, who is coming up on eight years (I think! more?!) of working with us here at the kitchen. She stepped back from kitchen duties last year to bus drive for the Longmont schools and work closer to home. She's been remote office support since last summer. 

With school cancelled, she's back! She delivered all the Boulder meals yesterday as well as jumped in on prep  on Tuesday and also washed a ton of dishes.

noah and susanna

AND, my fiancé, Noah, also came starting at 8:30pm for some much needed new energy in the kitchen. He labeled all the frozen meals and zested orange and cracked eggs for the cranberry muffins.  

Yes, I'm getting married. Some fun news to balance it all out.

Am I planning a wedding right now, though? Definitely not! Ha. Luckily, we are perfectly happy to have the excuse not to.

Plus, Noah's good friend (and housemate when I met Noah), Andy, was able to come in last minute yesterday and deliver in Lafayette/Louisville so I could stay at the kitchen and help with order pick ups and sanitize between each customer.

He'll be helping me out today making more frozen options as we got bought out this week. I was most limited our egg supply this week as well as the special black cocoa we use for the Devil's Food, so some baked goods are on pause at the moment. 

Thank goodness the local farms are just starting up again as Spring approaches!

What a week!

How are you all holding up?

jamaican jerk prep

noah and tim in kitchen