In the Kitchen During Mercury Retrograde! February 23 2020

If you're into astrology you know mercury went retrograde last weekend.

And I'd say we had a classic retrograde kind of week at the kitchen. My newly
golden roasted potatoes
renewed Costco credit card did not have our correct resale tax exempt info, causing a back up with shopping, and Chef Chris unexpectedly left a few hours early on Monday. 287 was closed BOTH ways on the commute to work on Tuesday, our Tuesday helper called in sick, it snowed (again!) on delivery day, and... our display freezer went out!

Whew! I hope you all aren't feeling the cosmic energy quite so potently.

So, there was a lot of managing and rearranging this week. Some weeks are like that.  Luckily I found an excellent repair guy, AJ, who could come in the next day for the freezer.  A few of you got to experience the loudness of the compressed air part of that operation during pick up yesterday. Thanks for your patience!

And good news is I had AJ fix an older freezer that's been out of commission too, so now we have a ton more space to stock up mores frozen options for you! 

And though I don't have a lot of photographic examples this week, between it all Chef Tim and I managed to cook a lot of delicious food. We've gotten good adapting to the flow (or lack there of) and had some fun. I listened to recordings to learn music to play next weekend. And we weren't even at work too late. 

The turkey + grassfed beef meatloaves were our favorite (lots of testers eaten), and the potatoes roasted up amazingly. And I baked new Cranberry Orange Muffins and Paleo Breads too, while Tim busted out some Almond Super Cookies in addition to the meals.