How I Mix & Match Frozen Meals to Make Healthy Dinners On the Fly April 18 2018

I eat BBK food for the majority of my meals. And I'm on the GAPS diet, which is a bit more strict than Paleo, so some on menus there are less dishes I can eat than others. 

What I do those weeks is mix and match meals, especially with frozen items I stocked up on. Ironically, running a food business means both I don't need to do a lot of cooking because I order meals, and when I do cook I want it to be fast so I can get back to the managing. 

So I go to the freezer. I especially like using our vegetable items like our Carrot Salad or the Tangy Slaw as bases for quick one-pot stir fry type meals - which works if they're fresh or frozen. 

I eat mainly cooked foods to keep my digestion happy. One favorite is sautéing the slaw then adding slices of organic chicken sausage I heated up in my toaster oven while the veggies were cooking, so I can quickly mix them together then get eating!

This mix and match vegetables with either our other meals or ground meat or sausage works quickly even if your veggies come straight out of the freezer. I mean, who remembers to defrost things ahead of time? For whatever reason at home planning ahead doesn't happen for me. 

Every Tuesday I play music for yoga class or lead kirtan and often get home late to realize we've run out of food before BBK pick up on Wednesday.  So I run a jar of whatever vegetables are in the freezer under warm water and slide them out into a saute pan then add some water to that. Cover and steam for a bit, and dinner's ready!

Another winning combination -our Garlicky Greens mixed with our Bolognese or Lamb Neck Ragu.

Get inspired! Have you used our meals in different combinations to make your own dishes? Let me know :)