How I Managed My Diet Eating Healthy BBK Food at Arise August 12 2017

I spent all of last weekend at the Arise Festival at Sunrise Ranch in Loveland. It was super inspiring, healing and informative. And fun! 

The whole festival was on the ranch where they have an intentional community, farm organically, and raise 100% grassfed beef, and host conscious events like the Arise Festival.

camping at Arise, cooking breakfastI didn't realize that the ranch would have a little farm stand and hot food tent at the festival, so I brought all my own food.  It's another trick I wanted to share with you all - eating at festivals! I was nervous to attend for all three days due to my strict dietary (GAPS) restrictions and sensitive stomach, and yet again I realized how much I appreciate having this business as a resource in my own life !

I knew we could bring camp stoves and that I'd be sleeping in a tent. And that most likely most of the food at teh festival wouldn't match my diet, plus three days of festival food gets expensive! And most imporantly there was WAY more on the festival schedule that I wanted to experience than I could actually attend, so I didn't want to cook all weekend.

So BBK food traveling tricks to the rescue once again. I ordered our Summer Squash Bake, Pork Green Chili, Grassfed Beef Picadillo, Golden Goddess Beet Ferment, and two kinds of Paleo muffins.  

A dozen eggs was the only no pre-made item that came with me. Then I froze Picadillo and half of the the squash bake and put them in the bottom of my cooler with lots of ice packs. The Pork Green Chili, other half of the Squash Bake, ferment and eggs went on top with more ice packs, and I threw in some insulation from when we go our beef shipped above that.

Then I had squash with everything! Eggs, squash bake, and ferments in the morning susanna healhty food cooking at Arise(mixing scrambled eggs with any of the McCauley Farms fermented veggies we offer is one of my favorite breakfast trips).  Squash Bake and Green Chili for dinner.

By day two and three the Picadillo and the rest of the squash had thawed but still was plenty cold and the ice packs were still partially frozen, thanks to the insulation and large number of packs.  I had the muffins as after breakfast and mid after snacks all weekend. I did eat a little festival food - including a pretty awesome soft serve made out of bananas and almond milk and cocoa and peanut butter, a treat from a friend.

 Having my own food, especially with so much intellectual stimulation and lots of dancing and walking, was totally crucial to making the experience a more healthy and impactful one for me.

Tuna fish, ferments, and mustard is another of my favorite traveling tricks. At the festival there was so much to do and a lot of walking between venues, so it wasn’t often practical to head back to my tent in the middle of the day.  carry a can of tuna fish around plus the ferments and some mustard in a tupper ware, and when I’m ready I mix the tuna into the ferments and mustard and it’s a pretty tasty Tuna Salad on the go!

yoga at AriseI went wanting to learn and explore and dance and do lots of yoga, which I did. I didn't realize how much my own work with sustainable food and supporting our local communities to thrive would be a theme throughout even some of the more well known musical acts there.  It was amazing!

I know many of you are quite active in our community in various healing and activism roles, and all of you are conscious community members and consumers. I’d definitely recommend the Arise Festival for you.