Healing with Food - Sharing is Powerful September 08 2016

I had the opportunity to spend this past weekend on a solo wilderness retreat. I enjoyed three days in isolated Northern New Mexico with 13 others, mostly in spirit, as we all participated in supported pure nature alone time.

Our hosts have a large, beautiful ranch with dedicated camping spots  with water caches near by. We all went out and knew that for three days it was just us and the wild.  We hiked in once a day to leave a string to at the water cache to let our hosts know we were ok and refill. 

I got lots of perspective. Nature has much to teach us, as does simply slowing down with no schedule and nothing but an intention to observe and listen to ourselves and to our surroundings.  Just disconnecting entirely from electronics for three days was extremely powerful. Even my drive home was spectacular.

#BossLady on a three day rest

You all will hear more about my experiences, but one realization that finally really took root for me is how useful, and important, it is for me to share more about my healing process and just why we make the food that we do.  

I have been successfully managing my Crohn's / ulcerative colitis digestive disease for the last five years with diet - and treating it with equally important psychotherapy and body work. I do not experience emotional and physical well being as isolated.

I have gained so much awareness and knowledge about myself from this process, it is truly a blessing. I look forward to sharing more of my story with you in the coming weeks as well.

It has been so gratifying and inspiring to talk with many of you over the last weeks (and years!) about your own experiences with health, healing, your food philosophy and how our food fits in your lives.

So as I share more of my story with you, I invite you to share more with us as well. We'd love to hear from you!

We're also looking for folks who are excited to share their stories in our newsletter to help others heal as well.  Please send me an email at susanna@backtobasicskitchen.com if you're interested. 

If you want to share privately for our own knowledge, that is awesome too. One of the best rewards of this business is knowing when our food helps make a difference.

Sunflowers in Colorado