Our Gluten Free Chocolate Chunk Cookie Recipe January 25 2017

The first recipe is in weights. It's so much easier! More importantly, it makes it much more likely you'll get the results you want. Scroll down for a more familiar volume recipe

gluten free chocolate chunk (chip) cookiesAt Back to Basics Kitchen, we do
everything by weight.

Stores like King Soopers and Target sell scales for $20, or you can order one online here.  Many blogs (especially international ones) offer weight and volume in recipes.


I prefer to use scales even at home for ease (less dishes) and accuracy with baking. Yes, you can fudge it with baking and that's totally cool. But if you want the recipe to come out the same again, weighing it is the best!

I weigh even the ingredients in recipes that are in volume when I make something for the first time, so next time I can just go by weight. 

You'll want to use our own BBK gluten free flour mix to make this recipe taste the way we do. Other mixes should also work but will have a different flavor and likely texture.

Here are two versions of our cookie recipe:

gf recipe by weight

Cookie recipe by volume (likely the more familiar way):

gluten free chocolate chip cookie recipe by volume