Falling in Love with Grass Fed Beef Heart January 21 2017

I'll admit, I wasn't totally sure about the beef heart when we got it. But I've had pork heart before, prepared by the talented folks at SALT restaurant as part of their charcuterie board.  I was pleasantly surprised at the fact that heart was not only edible, it was delicious!

So when Jill over at Lasater Ranch told me they had a ton of heart in stock that they'd like to move, I was game. I love experimenting with the cuts that for whatever reason other people or restaurants won't buy from farmers.   In my usual fashion, I just went for it and ordered a bunch, trusting in the ranch, our team's culinary skills, and you, our amazingly adventurous customers.

tender steak slices with chimichurriBri (our head food magic maker and now her own R&D test kitchen) made up the heart three different ways. She left me one version, the simplest seared version, to try out at home. Standing over the slices, they looked steak-like and smelled great. I heated them up in the oven just until warm (as we suggest you do), decided to ignore the little skeptical voice in my mind, and popped a whole slice in my mouth.

Divine! I actually stood over the pan and at all the slices, plain, right then and there. Again, not just edible, that's darn tasty!

If you're new to organ meats, this is an excellent place to start. And even as veteran "odd bits" eater, this is a special treat because it's rare to find organ meats from animals that are 100% grass fed and so well cared for that you can be confident about eating them. 

Heart, in particular, is leaner than other beef muscle cuts and more nutrient dense, with significantly more elastin and collagen than other cuts of meat and is a highly concentrated source of coenzyme Q10.  

And if it being tasty and nutrient dense isn't enough, organ meats are also generally much more economical than other options! 

So go ahead - try the heart! We've paired our bright chimichurri sauce to make it extra special. (You can also get the sauce separately if you're just not feeling the heart thing).

Here's to living deliciously!