Enjoying Eating as Part of Something Bigger August 18 2016

I had the pleasure of returning home just as the full moon was rising opposite a gorgeous light turquoise, muted orange and magenta sky. The clouds looked almost flat, surreal. Gorgeous.

In recent years I've started taking the time to pause and walk and enjoy the full moon rise. I find it so captivating and a reminder of a broader perspective, that cliche of being part of something bigger. 

This evening did have me considering how important that sentiment is, however used.

As humans on this earth, we are part of larger cycles, whether we notice them and embrace them or not. Our food celebrates these cycles and seasonality. There is a depth and beauty in the connection with Earth's rhythms. Sometimes we notice this as the most intense flavor, perhaps of a perfectly ripe summer tomato or that bite into a peach that stops us in our tracks. 

The full moon tonight reminds me that to really experience the beauty of seasonal food, and pretty much anything, it is helpful to have a ritual reminder to pause, to appreciate, to celebrate and slow down. To see our lives with a little more spaciousness. Otherwise we can just plow through so many magical moments.

Susanna's, owner of Back to Basics Kitchen in Broomfield, thoughts on the full moon.

For me, the full moon is a wonderful time to do this. To slow the frenetic pace, to thank the earth and the Divine/God/Universe... for the abundance I have or acknowledge something I'm proud of doing - this has not come naturally to me. The full moon is an excellent time to celebrate achievements, completions, and all that we have received.  

I invite you to find a time to help you pause. For many, saying a grace or expressing gratitude before a meal does this.  Perhaps sunrises are your time. I always stop and smile when I see chickens.

Backyard chickens in Colorado.

Whatever helps periodically remind you, "Hey! Pay attention - there is good stuff going on", it'll make everything a little sweeter. We can make the most delicious food out of the freshest ingredients, but it's up to you to allow yourself time to receive and enjoy it. 

PS - the moon technically full as of very early this morning so tonight's moon will appear basically full as well. Today (Thursday) is a great day to celebrate something.