Do You or A Loved One Struggle with a Health Challenge? August 19 2017

Navigating My Own Family's Health Challenges

I've just returned from a trip to visit my family - father, mother, sister (and aunt and uncle) in DC, where I grew up. I've had trouble sitting down to write a newsletter. At the
me and my fatherlast minute, it occurs to me to just share with you all exactly what is going on, because I know many of you can relate. 

My father has had MS for a couple of decades. It's progressed slowly, and we've been blessed in many ways with that, but in the last few years his mobility has been declining more rapidly and more severely limited. In the same time period, he's started to lose his short term memory and lose weight for still unknown reasons. In the process of investigating the weight loss, the doctors found a growing cancerous tumor on his kidney. 

It's made for a perfect storm of complex decision making and a process of transitioning into roles of caregiving for my father. It's profoundly disorienting for him to not have a functioning short term memory. Imagine that familiar feeling of forgetting what you came into the other room to look for... all the time. 

Eating together has become so important especially in the last 6 months, I realized on this trip back, because he does not eat well on his own, or necessarily remember if he father and techas eaten! And my mother is still working and trying to manage a full-time care situation with lots of doctors appointments in between.  Eating well is one of the most important things my father needs to do, and cooking is one of the most time-consuming tasks that's hard to fit in with such a situation. 

It's made me contemplate the irony of me starting this business in Colorado instead of in DC, and I wish there were something more like it there to help support my family.  It was great to visit, and the support I can offer from a distance feels very limited.

It's also made me so grateful to hear so many of the stories you all have shared with me about how our food has made a difference in your lives, whether in a similar health challenge situation or for another reason. This business can have a profound impact, and I realize it even more so as my own family dives deeper into navigating health crisis. 

So, if you feel moved, I (and the team) would love to hear your story or how our food has impacted you or a loved one. You can email it, stop by the kitchen and share it in person on pick up day (Wednesday), write us some good old snail mail, or for the modern way...

I've just started a new Facebook group. Join it here.

bbk FB group shotConnect with fellow customers for support, story sharing, idea sharing, recipe sharing,  and getting to know one another. Whatever challenge you're dealing with, whether it's a picky eater, menu planning, or a health crisis, our customers and BBK team can be an amazing support. It's also a great place to share your insights or questions or work related to supporting people in living more healthy, sustainable, community oriented lives rooted in love (we need it now more than ever).  Let's be resources and inspiration for each other! 

Blessings and happy eating!

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