Creative Summer Real Food Treats for Pets with Bone Broth! July 18 2016

Many of you may recall the post about my (Susanna's) cats loving our chicken bone broth.  (They still do).  In the intervening months I have acquired my first dog, a 10 year old chihuahua named Henry. 

healthy pet treats henry dog brothHenry and I spent two days in Buena Vista recently and discovered a most tasty food truck (actually turquiose school bus) named TThe Bearded Lady. It's owned by a pig farmer, very fresh, and very locally oriented. 

Best part? Pupsicles. Frozen chicken broth on a carrot slice for a stick. How clever is that?!  Henry missed his daily rations of chicken broth for breakfast (with the cats) while on this trip.

Now he could enjoy chicken bone broth, and it took him more than two seconds to ingest. I just love discovering kindred business spirits in other areas.  This was more of a treat for us both, though may have caused a brain freeze. And yes, it was bigger than his head. We let the extra melt in a bowl to finish later.

If you've got ice cube trays (for little dogs) or actual popsicle molds you could do this for your dogs - or cats! - with our bone broth too. It is quite endearing... though if that's a little much, just feeding them the stock straight is always appreciated too.

Henry's coat has gotten so much softer in the last month with the broth mixed with a tablespoon of raw food supplement in the mornings.