Coconut Milk Is Just So Amazing... Do You Know How It's Made? June 19 2016

Coconut milk is creamy, decadent, and an awesome alternative to those who are sensitive to dairy, nuts, and soy.  And it’s full of essential vitamins, minerals, and healthy fat.  Coconut milk can boost immune and heart health as well as regulate blood sugar and improve digestion.  Because it’s so nourishing,  we love to use coconut milk in lots of our meals. 

Have you ever wondered how coconut milk is made?  When you crack open a coconut, the liquid that pours out is actually coconut water.  The milk comes from the white coconut meat, which is peeled out of the coconut and then blended into a liquid.  This liquid is then strained to remove any large chunks or pulp.  

Most brands of the store bought coconut milk have extra additives, so you may want to try making coconut milk at home!  

We recommend this informative tutorial from Nourished Kitchen:

If you get store bought, Natural Value has zero additives and is in BPA free cans. We use Natural Value for the food we make you, though our restaurant sized cans do have less than 2% guar gum, which the small cans don't. If you are ok with guar gum, we really enjoy the Whole Foods 365 brand of coconut milk for its extra creamy texture. This has a lot to do with where in the world the coconuts are sourced (another topic).

Do read the labels, besides another brand,Thai Kitchen, almost all the others have preservatives, more gums, and sometimes sugar.

Ready for some coconut?  Get it in our expectedly decadent, silky smooth, happiness-inducing Dark Chocolate Pots de Creme - our nourishing take on a thick chocolate custard sweetened with dates.  
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Or try it in our Yellow Chicken Curry for a savory and complex yet balanced flavor experience.  Coconut Milk, Paleo, Spring Yellow Curry with Chicken available for pickup or delivery in Lafayette, Colorado