Ways I Eat Well and Keep It Healthy While Traveling and Camping May 31 2017

I’m on a diet for my digestion that is pretty much entirely cooked food and mostly fresh veggies, meats, fruits and nuts... and honey.  Traveling is one of the more challenging scenarios for eating for me.

Earlier this month I drove out to Joshua Tree, CA for a yoga festival then spent 5 days in Joshua Tree National Park. Two days on the road then eight days of camping gave me lots of time to test out all the tricks I use to bring my own food while I’m traveling and camping. 

Whether you’ve got dietary restrictions or not, eating quality food while hitting the road or navigating airports can be tricky. 

Freeze Meals and take them for road trips or camping---

I always take some fresh meals then freeze more jars of soup and chili and pack up my cooler so my BBK meals would last at least the whole trip out.The frozen Susanna cooking up veggies on the roadmeals slowly defrost and it’s easy to stop in a gas station and pop off the mason jar lid and microwave up a nice meal to avoid the caffeine and blood sugar crashes that are often, but don’t need to be an inevitable, part of road tripping. 

  I had camp stove with me to heat the food up this time, and I found some pretty sweet spots to make meals on forest service roads and at view points for you more adventurous outdoorsy types. One of my favorite tricks is to take our slaws frozen then saute them up for cooked veggies for later in these trips. Already prepped and ready to go so no prep and no mess to clean up.

The Paleo carrot cake muffins also served excellently as my co-pilot for the good part of the drive out to California, although I’m sure you can see how that could quickly become a bit unbalanced.  Long drives tend to induce constant snacking for me.

The granola also clearly makes great camping snack with no perishability concerns... and also so easy to eat while driving.

Ferments! - I also LOVE the McCauley Farm ferments we sell. They keep well, so I had the ferments still going well into my trip. I use them to make turkey slice wraps with avocado and the Radish Chi, for example. Quick and easy and grounding. ( The ferments are also amazing in eggs for a nice change in the morning routine as I tend to eat a lot of eggs for breakfast camping).


Snacks on the plane - The granola, cookies and muffins clearly make good road snacks, and maybe not as obviously it’s easy to take a 4 pack of muffins or a bag of cookies on the plane. They’re in a safely solid state.

I’ve even managed to take on board brisket and tuna salad before. The TSA insulated container of foodpeople did one time make me drink out the liquid of the brisket, but then they let me through with the rest of it, which I called a win!

If you want to avoid having to consume part of your food in the TSA security line I like to take food like our Chicken Waldorf Salad and other slaws and roasted veggies on the plane for something that feels refreshing and enlivening in the more sterile and stagnant cabin, more so than any pricey snack pack offered.

I use insulated containers in this case to keep my food either hot or cold. They are so awesomeI I also use these guys when climbing, road tripping, and even just running errands for the day so I know I’ve got food I can eat that makes me feel good instead of compromising.