Aspen Moon Farm's Boc Choi and Tat Soi September 23 2016

Mix It Up with our Sesame and Ginger Asian Greens Skillet This Week


We love kale. And spinach. And broccoli  But there are so many other beautiful vegetables out there to eat, too! 

This week try out the lovely boc choi and tat soi from Aspen Moon Farm featured in our veggie skillet. Both are tender and mild with delightfully crisp stems that are not fibrous. 
Aspen Moon Farm's bok choi and tat soi available in a dish at Back to Basics Kitchen in Broomfield, CO.
Both bok choi and tat soi are members of the cabbage family (along with broccoli and cauliflower) though grown more for leaves, so they don't look it. Bok choi been cultivated for 5000 years in China! And it's packed with vitamin A. This variety is the Prize variety, on the left, larger and with white stems as opposed to its baby relative you'll see in some groceries. The tat soi is on the right in the photo.

Most importantly, both these veggies are delicious. They may be your new favorites. 

Experience them in our colorful skillet along with organic rainbow carrots and, organic McCauley Family Farm summer squash, Red Wagon Farm organic green beans and organic onion.  The richness of sesame with the bright spiciness of ginger and an uplifting hint of lime makes eating your vegetables a new kind of delightful this week.