Amy's Farewell after 9 Years at BBK June 09 2021

Amy is moving on to pursue her accounting degree. She has shaped BBK from the very beginning and is our longest running employee.  Her girls have come in and helped in the kitchen since the youngest was 5 years old and we've gotten to watch them grow up. We will miss her!!

A Love Note from Amy:

I have been with Back to Basics Kitchen for 9 years.  I was the first W2 employee.  I began as a dishwasher and finished as a cook and have done almost every job in between (even wrote a blog!).  I am the keeper of the BBK lore, puns, sayings, and perhaps even the mascot.

Amy visiting (past) Chef Bri 2021

My favorite week has always been Thanksgiving and my favorite day of the year was delivering Thanksgiving orders.  To be a small cog in people participating in a day of gratitude brought me tremendous joy. 

To be a part of a team that loves to ethically nourish people, especially during some of our customers most difficult times (I think of those we have lost and kept through cancer) and best times in their lives (the welcoming of newborns) has been beyond rewarding.


In this atmosphere created by Susanna and Chelsea, I learned to start loving myself.  (I remember my hand shaking as Chelsea stood with me as I flipped a burger over.  What had happened to my confidence?)  I gradually began to realize that I was in an intensely destructive marriage.  With the help from an amazing support team, I fled a domestic violence situation with three girls in tow.


The ups and downs of recovery from domestic violence & Complex PTSD began.  Susanna had rightly almost fired me multiple times, yet her belief in me and my potential and knowing my heart and character has allowed me the space to leave BBK with a rebuilt confidence.  I am forever grateful for her willingness to work with me and where I am at.  Neither of us ever gave up.  For Susanna to trust me with stepping up as a cook during her maternity leave is a cherished honor and privilege.  I knew more than I thought after all these years of absorbing BBK knowledge.  In the tapestry of life, Lark was worth every effort.  She is perfect and Susanna's greatest creation!

The love and care from our amazing customers (You know who you are!), vendors (Dan, Josh, Archana), renters (Chris), Susanna (Noah & Lark), Chef Bri (Tony & Baby Luca), Chef Tim, Chef Steve (& Brian), Andy, Melissa, Stacey (& G-man), Chelsea, and the grounding work with organic food has helped heal this heart of mine.  From the deepest parts of me, THANK YOU!!
(An eternity of thank you's doesn't feel sufficient.)  

While it is time for me to continue pursuing a second degree in Accounting (with CPA aspirations) and utilizing those skills at Peak One Pool & Spa in Boulder, I will always be a part of BBK.  The bat signal will be lit if there is a need for an extra set of knowledgeable hands.  In the meantime, I will carry all of you in my heart with gratitude and love.  
God's peace and blessings upon you all, 
Amy Louise Logan

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