Why We're Grateful to You - Happy Thanksgiving! November 26 2015

This year so much has come together for all of us at Back to Basics Kitchen.  You all are making our dreams - and some things we've never dreamed of! - come true.

Here are a few personal messages of gratitude we each wanted to share with you all. Thank you from all of us! 

The Back to Basics Kitchen team

As pictured starting on the left- Amy, Tim, Susanna, Bri, Steve, Catherin and Deysi. Plus... a brining turkey.

From Steve-
I would like to thank the Back to Basics Kitchen family for taking me in six months ago and making me feel welcome.  I always look forward to coming to "work," and I feel the love comes through the food. 

Love and laughter are just as important as salt.
I would also like to thank our customers.  Without you I wouldn't have a family to come to every week. Thank you all, have a very Happy Thanksgiving and keep eating!

A Poem from Amy- 
                   You & me
                   Boss Lady & Chef Bri
                   Chef Tim & Chef Steve
                   Catherin & Deysi
                   Shelly & business partners
                   The farmers & the seeds
                   The ranchers & the animals
                   The BBK culture
                   Giving & receiving
                   Loving & learning
                   Educating, & innovating
                   On through eternity
                   Nourishing Community
                         Happy Thanksgiving!
                               ~ Amy Lou

From Bri-
After talking with one of our customers in Lafayette who has been ordering from us since the beginning, I realized how fortunate I've been feeling to work where I do with the people I do and to be feeding such wonderful customers. Thank you!

Shelly!From Shelly (customer and writer of all your informational newsletter articles)-
I’m thankful for discovering BBK’s cooking philosophies and enjoying healthy, delicious meals regularly.  Once I weened myself off of processed food and sugars, I realized how much they negatively impact my body.  When I veer away from nutritious, organic food and opt for sugary, processed food, I feel awful.  The difference is very noticeable. 

I’m thankful to have learned this lesson now, when I’m in my twenties, so that I can look forward to many years of healthy cooking and eating.  I’m indebted to Back to Basics Kitchen for helping me realize the difference real food makes.  I’m also grateful for the ways in which their tips and educational information inspire my own cooking!

From Susanna-
This year feels like a blossoming of so much for me and Back to Basics Kitchen.
Growing this business has pushed me to step up as a leader, to have courage in my conviction that we offer has real value, and to be brave in taking risks to make it happen. I am grateful for how much I have learned about myself in the process. 
I feel so blessed to be surrounded by such an amazing team that shares my conviction and makes this business happen by pushing themselves and supporting each other and laughing all the while.

Learning what it means to be part of a loving team, connecting with so many inspiring and important businesses, and engaging the community of such dedicated farmers and ranchers that support us has been life changing for me. I see such beauty in all their work. 
You all have made it possible!  Thank you for all of your kind words, helpful feedback, and – of course - meal purchases. Feeding and hearing from our customers is one of the most rewarding aspects of the business. 
I am so grateful to be able to spend my life doing not just what I love but what I feel nourishes and expands our community and spreads appreciation. I hope we are helping to support you in doing the same, whatever activity our food helps fuel you to do. 
Much gratitude and best wishes this Thanksgiving!