Soaps Featuring Local Beef Tallow Made by Chef Bri! June 10 2016

Our Chef Bri is multitalented. She not only makes our food taste so delicious but also creates amazing soap!  

Because what you put on your body is as important as what you put in it, Bri crafts these soaps with the same care and fresh quality ingredients as our food. 


These soaps feature rendered beef fat, tallow, the same ingredient that makes the natural deodorant we sell so crazy effective without the crap. No funny stuff needed!
Animal fat is a traditional body care ingredient that works beautifully to cleanse and moisturize your skin as well as neutralize any unwanted stink.

Featuring three fun scents:

Uplifting Bergamot* and White Grapefruit

Earthy Grounding Pachouli

Classic Calming Peppermint

*that's the same Bergamot that gives such a unique flavor to Earl Grey Tea

Full ingredients: Pure therapeutic grade essential oils (indicated by soap scents), local beef tallow that we rendered, organic coconut oil, olive oil, distilled water, lye (none remains- it dissapates after the soap has "cured" for 6 weeks).

homemade soap by chef bri