Broomfield Kitchen Drop-In Meal Purchases and Paleo Bakery June 03 2016

Now open on Monday and Tuesdays plus regular Wednesday hours

Now you don't need to wait those last couple days if you've run out of food! 

We're exploring different ways to expand our offerings and make them even more convenient. First up - more days open the beginning of the week AND more Paleo** (and regular gluten free) baked goods.  

Stop by our Broomfield kitchen from 8am-5:30pm on Mondays and Tuesdays in addition to our regular 12-6:30pm Wednesday pick up times. 

Paleo Bakery in Broomfield, Colorado at Back to Basics Kitchen

We'll have a rotating bakery spread including:
- German Chocolate Cupcakes
- Zucchini Spice Muffins (like Carrot Cake)
- Baked Ponjoo Cheesebread
- GF Chocolate Chunk Cookies
- Our Chai nut butter (and all regular items)

Buy individually, just like a standard bakery, for a treat for the road or in packs.  

We'll also have a selection of meals that are both frozen and vacuum sealed fresh - like our Minestrone Soup with Italian Sausage.

The pint soups, stews, chilis and curries make great, easy and fast healthy work lunches - just pop off the top and microwave!

**Paleo means no grains, no cane sugar (honey, dates or maple syrup), and healthy dairy free fats (coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, lard). So these snacks are ones that nourish as well as treat. You will love them, no matter what your diet!  

And if you're a more lenient Paleo type, our tapioca based cheese bread will be right up your alley.