Eggs! From Jodar Farms to You - A Seasonal Add-on May 09 2016

The main reason our food is so satisfying, tasty and nourishing is because of the high quality ingredients we use.  Right now, likely for the next couple months, is high season for eggs. And Jodar Farms has a surplus!

To help Jodar Farms move the eggs so all of this precious abundance is enjoyed and to help you get the highest quality food possible, we're offering Jodar Farms eggs, in one dozen containers, as part of our menu.  They'll be here until the high laying time is over. 

Jodar Farm eggs are available for delivery in Boulder County Colorado.

These hens live in idyllic conditions and forage on bugs and grass. They're also supplemented with conventional feed that does include a small amount of soy.

Jodar Farms at the Boulder County Farmers Market.

PS - They're super fresh. Susanna picks them up every Saturday morning at the Boulder Market.