We've Got Ferments! Condiments to Spice Things Up. Here's Why: May 06 2016

Nestled into the foothills McCauley Family Farm is a whole farm ecosystem that nourishes people and planet. They are a certified organic farm offering 80-100 varieties of organic produce. Culinary and medical herbs are grown in the farm's perennial gardens. Additionally, they offer seasonal ferments and pickled goods through their Wild Fermentation and Food Preservation Program.
McCauley Family Farm Live Fermented Viva Verde Fermented Hot Sauce
Guided by the vision that food should be delicious, nourishing, and healing for both humans and the Earth, McCauley Family Farm is becoming a sanctuary for ecologically-minded farming and food crafting. 
Marcus McCauley at the Boulder Farmers Market
So of course when we discovered their products at the Boulder Farmers Market, we
were on it. You're eating their arugula in your Pesto Chicken right now. (That's Marcus McCauley on Wednesday morning at his farm holding everything Susanna picked up!)

And their condiments are some of the first locally grown and farmer-processed we've seen, and one that very closely mirrors our own ingredient preferences - down to the Real Sea salt! These will spice up all your meals!
Why ferment? Help optimize your gut biology. Which helps everything.
Local Organic Fermented Watermelon Radish Kimchi from McCauley Family Farms

And why ferment even the pepper flakes? Peppers can be fermented similar to Sauerkraut, Kimchi, or full-sour Pickles using a process called Lactofermentation.
Local Organic Fermented Red Jalapeno Pepper Flakes by McCauley Family Farms
Lactofermentation uses salt and Lactic Acid Bacteria (LAB) to acidify and preserve produce. The process of fermenting peppers enhances flavor and increases nutritional value.

LAB are salt tolerant microorganisms which feed on the sugars and amino acids in peppers and create organic acids, enzymes, short chain fatty acids, and vitamins.

These bacteria and their products are beneficial to humans because they aid in digestion, enhance immunity, and support neurological function.