Eggs Are In Season ~ Frittata Time! May 02 2016

Many people don't realize that eggs are a seasonal product. Hens stop laying in winter (unless supplemented with artificial light and heat) due to shorter days and cold weather.  So when spring comes and we're back to local eggs with their gorgeous orange yolks, it's an exciting time!

Jodar Farm Eggs available in our Boulder County products.

A frittata is like a crustless quiche - cheesy, satisfying and delicious!  Featuring Jodar Farms eggs, Red Wagon Farm organic spinach, James Ranch (Durango) 100% grassfed raw milk cheese, pecorino cheese, and organic gold potato.

Frittata with Jodar Farm eggs available for delivery in Boulder, Louisville, & Lafayette

Perfect for any meal of the day.  This travels really well for an easy work or school lunch, picnic, or road trip food (that will make you feel good!).