Humor and Healing April 24 2016

This is Why We Love What We Do

Hearing our customers' stories is always such a blessing. It is the ultimate reward for all the work and passion everyone on the BBK team pours into this business.  

This past week we received the email below. It exemplifies the ultimate goal of our meal service - to support health - and it also shows how amazing our customers are!

The email came as a reply to Susanna after she notified this customer that another customer's baby had moved with lightening speed and grabbed and thrown their scones on the floor before anyone could stop him. Two scones were lost.

From Lynn in Boulder:

"I am enjoying a pleasant laugh while I read this. Life must have humor. 

I undergo a type of intravenous infusion medical therapy every 3 weeks. It takes up the bulk of the day. On our way home we went to our pick up.

Upon our arrival home, I noticed the oddity of 2 scones in one box and 4 in the other. In my state of grogginess I did not consider it further: it was not my first priority.

I now have a wonderful vision of a happy young child eagerly reaching for a delightfully tempting scone! 

Back to Basics Kitchen has been both a lifesaver and a healer for me. Food is our first source of medicine and your meals have provided nutrient dense TLC for a body that has been challenged by food allergies, intolerances, and disease. I eagerly look forward each week to the diverse food choices. And enough can't be said about the simplicity you have brought to our family. "

Thank you so much, Lynn, for sharing. And for reminding us to recognize the humor in the curve balls life throws at us!

These stories inspire us, and we'll continue to work to provide the most nourishing food possible. We wish everyone many blessings on their healing journeys.

Raspberry Scones that were lost to an eager little boy.