Happy Earth Day! April 22 2016

Straight from the Farm - Green Garlic and Spinach!

Susanna had the pleasure of picking up our spinach and green garlic from Red Wagon Farm this Monday morning. Here's the story of your green garlic travels this week, which is now settled into it's final form in your Green Garlic and Dill Salmon:

Red Wagon Farms's garlic greens being prepped by #chefbri for our salmon

And the spinach from Red Wagon Farm is better than ever! You'll find it in the Chicken Soup with Basil (and green garlic!) Pesto you're eating now. And we're featuring it in our Cheesy Spinach and Kale Fritters this week!

Cheesy Spinach and Kale Fritters available for delivery in Boulder, CO.

It's a golden brown, cheesy way to eat greens. Your family can't resist! 

Featuring sheep's milk feta, dill, local eggs, and our gluten free flour mix, these are like our cabbage patties with fun texture and a nice change of pace for greens.

They travel really well for lunches and freeze excellently and toast up easily for a quick, healthy bite. They're extra special this week with the addition of Red Wagon Farm sweet spinach mixed in with the kale!

Red Wagon Farms Spinach in our dishes available for delivery site pickup in Longmont, CO