Lasater Ranch Beef Bone Broth April 08 2016

Local meats are one thing we can get year round. This is a tough time of year as we wait for the Spring crops to fully come in yet Fall crops are along way behind us. 

And we are so lucky to have Lasater Ranch in our back yard. They are a nationally recognized ranch who pioneered grazing techniques in the US that have actually helped revive the native short grass prairie, and have been featured in the book Fast Food Nation, among others. 

And you will taste it! These are happy cows that lived on open pasture eating the food they are intended to eat - grasses. (Grains make them sick).  Check out this picture from our super wet July last year.  

Lasater Ranch Beef Bone Broth (Stock) available for pickup delivery in Broomfield, Boulder, Longmont, Lafayetter, and Louisville.

Into it? You'll want to try our special this week Lasater Beef Bone Broth from their marrow bones and Eldorado Springs water. Great to have on hand to make your own soups and stews. It's all about the broth! This is vacuum sealed as well for extended shelf life.