First Greens Are Here and They're So Sweet! April 03 2016

It's Lasagna Time!!

gluten free pesto lasagna

We are so excited for the first produce of the season. We're featuring the sweetest organic spinach of the year from Red Wagon Farm in our Creamy Greens and Cheese Lasagna with Pesto this week - which also uses Cappello's amazing gluten free fresh pasta.  
And here's a taste of what's coming with a local produce report from Wyatt of Red Wagon Farm himself. You'll being seeing all these ingredients in your meals Wyatt with kalesoon:

"In February it was so warm that many things were growing, but then with all the snow everything stopped and is not early.  In the next few weeks we should have dandelion greens, spinach, sorrel, and some other herbs.  We have a small amount of arugula from the hoop house.

The outside spring greens are planted and surviving all the moisture but are several weeks away.  Green garlic and walking onions are probably 2-3 weeks from ready."

Yay Spring!!