Dogs and Cats Love Our Chicken Bone Broth Too! March 30 2016

I, Susanna, have two cats named Tuna and Zeus. They're mostly on a grain free dry food diet. Not optimal, but it fits my schedule.

zeus cat licking chicken fat off organic bone broth jar

So I started feeding them our chicken stock / bone broth every morning. Here's a picture of Zeus cleaning the chicken fat off the rim as we finished up a jar.

It's done wonders.  They go nuts for it! I've noticed their coats are shinier. They're getting all the nourishing minerals, gelatin, and much needed hydration. Highly recommend our broths for everyone in your family, including your furry friends!

Then I did a little experiment and opened up one of our vacuum sealed chicken bone broths three weeks after ordering it. It looked and smelled good, so I fed it to my cats.

As cat lovers will know, cats will not touch food that is the slightest bit off.  My cats won't even eat dry food I've left for them from the morning for dinner. No, they need "fresh" food scooped right out of the bag mixed in. 

So when Tuna and Zeus scarfed up the three week old vacuum sealed chicken stock, I knew we were in business.

We don't recommend waiting three weeks to eat your food (we're saying 10 days). But if you do find a lost jar that's been shoved in the back of your fridge (with the white lid showing you it's been vacuum sealed) - go ahead and open that baby up and use your nose. It may still be ok. And you can always test it out on your pets!

cats lapping up healthy chicken stock bone broth