Save Your Check Out Info, Save Time, and Save Us $ - Win, Win, Win! March 23 2016

We have a new payment option. You may now choose to pay with Dwolla (or still use your credit card). Sign up for Dwolla here - it's quick!

dwolla the ideal way to move money
Dwolla allows you to pay us directly from your bank account to ours. All you do is log in to Dwolla, which has your info stored, during check out.

More convenient! No having to search for then enter your credit card info every time! Just choose Dwolla during check out when you see this screen, log in to Dwolla, one click to authorize the payment, and you're done!

And the super awesome part? It's more convenient for you AND it supports us. Dwolla cuts out all the credit card infrastructure craziness and high costs and instead charges us a minimal fee per transaction.

In a food business with such tight margins, this can mean the bbk teamdifference in being able to give everyone a much deserved, much needed pay raise simply because many of you switch to this method. 

Get $5 off your next order after your first purchase using Dwolla.  Simply put note at check out you are using Dwolla to pay and we'll send you a gift card.

**Please note - Though many banks verify instantly with some of your personal info, some credit unions, like Elevations who we use, do not. You may have to wait a couple business days to verify with temporary deposits into your bank account from Dwolla.  So go ahead and start that set up process now!