We're Hiring a New Head Chef April 12 2020

If you've been reading our updates, you know it's been busier by the week. At the same time as we experience new challenges related to the pandemic and its impact on our food supply chain and restaurant systems. 

I am grateful to be needing more help. Many of you remember chef Bri, our kitchen manager and chef of over five years...
chef briI've been slow to replace her since she left over a year ago, taking on more of the role myself again. And now it's time.  Running the kitchen and adapting the business to these times is way more than a full time job!

Do you or someone you have an interest in helping to make our menus and be in charge of preparing our meals?

Let me know. This is a long term position and will continue past the pandemic with 35-40 hrs/week. 

Email susanna@backtobasicskitchen.com to express interest and for more info an. 

A willingness to learn and adapt, an enthusiasm for cooking sustainably sourced food, and an ability to multitask are a must.  Our chef will also be the face of the kitchen to customers for pick up along with me, in addition to cooking and many other duties - the beauty of a small business.

A basic level of commercial kitchen experience and/or culinary instruction for this position is a major plus. If you do not have that and are interested, you'll need related experience in a fast paced job with significant responsibility and customer experience (for example, we have had a home cook nurse who transferred easily to cooking the higher volume in the kitchen).