Whole30 Success December 18 2016

The Whole30 was a huge success.  Losing 17 pounds has been wonderful, but the internal and external transformation is the best part of this experience. 

As I take the time to listen to what my body needs or doesn't need, I have discovered that shifts in my life seem to occur almost effortlessly.  I can't force my recovery, but I have learned that I can cooperate with the process by having a more open heart in conjunction with healthy boundaries.

I was excited to attend a labyrinth walk with sound healing on the same day I transitioned from the Whole30 to a Lacto-Paleo diet.  The event was very powerful and healing and a great way to begin the next 11 months.  Sitting with that type of tonal intensity alone was a huge sign of progress. 

#teachingamy attended a Labyrinth Walk and Sound Healing


  • Weight loss
  • More grounded
  • Improvement in medication usage (less confusion)
  • Experience a larger range of emotions
  • Making positive changes in my home
  • Better sleep
  • Expanded my referee skills into Futsal
  • Eating is a more satisfying experience
  • Fewer migraines
  • Able to attend large events
  • More productive at home and work