Trust and My Gas Gauge June 18 2016

While working on my Jeep, a neighbor commented that I had done so much research that I didn't know which information to trust.  I can't even trust my gas gauge since the fuel pump was recently replaced.  Recovery from domestic violence has revealed a huge lack of trust, understandably.  What I can trust?  The Triune God (The only one that has never let me down.), literally my next footstep, Back to Basics Kitchen's food (I know what we say is what we create and deliver.), my counselors (Mainly people that have been in a similar situation at some point in their lives.), my support team (A dedicated group that have stuck with me through the last 2.5 years or longer), and paradoxes (The simple and complex can all be true at the same time.).  I wish I could list "my gut".  I am still full of doubt as to whether I am interpreting its messages correctly.  My internal gauges are getting recalibrated and I look forward to adding it to the list.  In the meantime, I can't wait for Wednesday to savor the Spring Yellow Curry with Chicken mixed with the Sweet and Crunchy Saffron Rice with Dates and Almonds.  The quality and integrity in real food is fueling my real recovery.

#teachingamy has a no fuel no start condition in her 2000 Jeep