The Hops Plant and Resiliency June 25 2016

I had purchased a hops sprout from Boulder Fermentation Supply (a pickup site partner) for my #1 daughter's cat.  Cookie loves to eat it and "chill out".  I ended up misplacing the sprout and not planting it.  Chef Bri had told me that you can do almost anything to a hops plant and it'll still grow.  So three weeks ago, I transplanted a small section into a BBK Styrofoam cooler.  (Why purchase a pot when I can reuse a cooler!?!)  I thought I had for sure killed it.  Today, I saw a green shoot.  The hops plant is an incredible example of resiliency.  You really never know what is happening under the surface.  Rejuvenation and healing is around the corner.  It takes time and hope; the soil of the soul. 

#teachingamy's hops plant is an example of resiliency and hope