The Fuel Pump and Making Connections June 19 2016

The problem with my Jeep's fuel pump was a lack of an electrical connection.  The intermittent contact was making my gas gauge go wonky, causing a loss of power during acceleration, and, most of the time, not even starting.  A strong connection has been made with a zip tie and electrical tape.  YAY! 

It amazes me how the Jeep's repairs continue to parallel my recovery.  I am at the end of an intensive 12 week counseling series.  Domestic abuse over many years has resulted in a fracturing of my personality (a survival mechanism).  These parts are beginning to connect with each other.  The goal is to experience life not through these different fragments of myself, but as a unified ME.  During these past three years, it has been important to acknowledge the big and the small achievements.  Once the fuel pump was connected and running, the girls and I celebrated with a drive to the Lyons Dairy Bar for their yummy ice cream and some cooler air.

#teachingamy celebrating with her girls with ice cream now that the Jeep is running.

P.S. Susanna, the owner, is a very special Boss Lady.  She has allowed for flexibility in helping Back to Basics Kitchen support my recovery and not hinder it.  I wouldn't be able to financially support my family without her amazing insight and willingness to encourage and challenge me (#ChefBri, too!) while balancing the fact that she is running a business.  I am grateful and blessed.  Thank you to Susanna, Chef Bri, and the entire #b2bkitchen team!