THANK YOU ~ Cookie Cat is Thriving! February 16 2018

An update on my (Amy's) family cat, Cookie.  After receiving the money from our crowd funding campaign, Cookie had all of her top teeth pulled except for her canines.  All of the gingivitis stomatitis was cut out of her mouth.  YAY!  (Abby and Cookie became twins for awhile both recovering from oral surgery with dissolving stitches. Abby had her wisdom teeth removed.)  

Cookie had a little difficulty with some irritation from the stitches, but this was easily alleviated by moving her back to dry food.  Cookie has made a full recovery and is back to her antics.  Abby is greatly relieved.  Cookie has been a constant and loyal companion since the day Abby rescued her from the Longmont Humane's Society.  On behalf of Abby (and my girls), I thank you, our wonderfully caring customers, for the financial and emotional support. 

Two weeks ago, we had to put my middle girl's Chiweenie, Petie, down.  You may have seen him out and about with me doing deliveries.  He had ingested an unknown toxin and been slowly declining for about two months.  I kept thinking that he was on the wrong dog food.  When I took him to the doctor, his kidneys had shut down.  Living with PTSD, Petie's hypervigilance allowed all of us to feel safer and less anxious.  He loved adventure, hiking, and being with me, Emily, and Katy.  (He always barked at Abby when she'd come home. She would remind him, "I live here!")  We sorely miss him.  

Without the generosity of you all, we would have lost both pets.  The Winkler Girls are ever so grateful.  Thank you!